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About Rez Drums

A Brief History...

Resurrection Drums began in a small warehouse in Ft. Lauderdale in the early 1980’s.  We would take old, beat-up, but quality-built Drums and with a little tweaking of the edges, stripping, sanding, and refinishing, “RESURRECT” them with a “new” Drum look, but an aged wood sound.  In 1983 there was a knock on the door.  The warehouse would have to be torn down because it was in the path of a major expressway that was under construction.  It was decided to not only move to a new building, but open a full scale Custom Drum Shop. 

Choose from more than 100 different colors and blends to create (or re-create) the look YOU want and need.  Your set will look  BRAND-NEW at a FRACTION of the cost of a new set.  Between our Custom Shop, our colossal stock of new, used kits, our inventory of cutting edge accessories and hardware, and our private drumming lessons, we cover EVERY aspect of the drum world there is to cover, and Resurrection Drums has grown into one of the world’s largest and finest drum shops because of it. 

South Florida's Drum & Percussion Headquarters

For over 25 years Resurrection Drums has been a home for the drummers of South Florida and drummers from around the world.  Providing a haven for those who love drums and drumming.  Our all-drummer staff has one goal in mind, to provide the best service to our customers.  We have the best of the best in custom drums, new drums, pre-owned drums and vintage drums.  And if you are just looking for a spare add-on drum, we got those too!

Are your old drums in need of some tender loving care?   We also provide repair, restoration and recovery jobs for your drums.  Just starting out playing drums or looking to brush up on your rudiments?  Our teachers give lessons right here in the store.

Call or stop by today to get everything you need for your drumming needs!