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DDrum Custom Built by Allegra with Kevazingo Bubinga

DDrum Custom Built by Allegra with Kevazingo Bubinga



It’s an honor to offer a custom kit from one of our most successful RezDrums alumni, Mike Marsh of The Avett Brothers and formerly of Dashboard Confessional.  To be clear, this is not just a Mike Marsh custom kit.  This is THE Mike Marsh custom kit.  It’s made appearances on The Late Show with David Letterman, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and in front of sold out audiences across the country following Dashboard’s breakout album “Dusk and Summer” (No. 1 on the Rock Billboard in 2006).

Mike was searching for a drum kit with unique tonal character and a stunning visual appeal and went to his friends at DDrum.  Although this custom drum set is technically a DDrum set, they were designed and built by the independent artisans at Allegra Drum Company!  These drums are one of a kind, and the shells are a mind-bending and innovative hybrid of ultra-rare Kevazingo Bubinga with the unique tone of North American Maple.  The monster bass drum and deep 7″ snare will make your rock backbeat sound like THUNDER.  You’re not going to get a rock kit that sounds like this ANYWHERE.

Drum Sizes:

22″x24″ Bass Drum
7″x13″ Rack Tom
17″x18″ Floor Tom
15″x16″ Floor Tom
7″x14″ Snare Drum

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