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Remo 14″ Designer Series Djembe with Adinkra Finish

Remo 14″ Designer Series Djembe with Adinkra Finish


REMO’S key-tuned djembe has had great success as the most user friendly djembe in the world. With features like portability, tunability, durability, and playability it’s no wonder why it is the choice for thousands and thousands of professional and recreational drummers for years. This beautifully designed drum exemplifies Leon Mobley’s passion for playing the djembe drums as well as his deep rooted respect and devotion for the traditions of his ancestors from Africa. Leon Mobley’s believes in Unity, Peace and Passion for playing the djembe drum and shares his joy with the world whether on stage with Ben Harper or in a drum circle.

The brand new finish is part of Remo’s new Designer’s Touch Finish series and includes unique Adinkra symbols.

This Djembe is also available in 12″.  The drum comes with a Remo Skyndeep head with an Adinkra finish.

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