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Vintage Slingerland 70’s & 80’s 6-Piece Rock Kit, Blue Gloss Pearl

Vintage Slingerland 70’s & 80’s 6-Piece Rock Kit, Blue Gloss Pearl


Up for sale is an AWESOME Slingerland 70’s & Early 80’s Rock Drum Set in a Blue Gloss Pearl finish! Let’s start with the “RezDrums Slingerland Disclaimer!” Slingerland Drums are a little harder to nail down the exact year of inception than other USA made drums. Badges help, but serial numbers are wacky, and other details frankly can get confused and distorted, depending on who you talk to! That said, we do our best here to provide the best information possible. We really went overtime on this one! Any and every question you could have is welcome! Hit us up!

This kit looks to be put together from 2 different eras. The MAIN kit, which includes the 13” and 14” Mounted Toms, 18” Floor Tom with 4 FT legs, and the 14 x 24” Bass Drum ( w/ 2 sets of spurs), looks to be part of The Time Machine line, a kit available in the Slingerland ’79 Catalog. The other 2 drums are power toms, a 12 x 12” and 16 x 16”! Both of these toms are mounted and are most likely from the early 80’s. All Drums are in Blue Gloss Pearl, which was a stock Slingerland covering in the late 70’s and early 80’s. It’s our understanding this is a Slingerland exclusive finish. Each drum is outfitted with the Black and Silver Oval, Niles, Illinois Slingerland Badge.

The Color is Electric and would look AMAZING onstage (I am personally NOT a BLUE-guy, but this color is just magic!) If you are a Rock player, there are endless super cool possibilities here! You could build a classic 1-up and 2-floor setup, mixing any combination of the 12”, 13” or 14” single mounted toms with the 16” and 18” floors for a BIG ROCK Bonham style kit! The 16 x 16” mounted tom could be easily converted to a floor tom by installing a Rims system floor tom cradle, which does not require drilling–so your investment stays original and intact! You could also set this kit up with 1-tom-up, and the 18” floor tom, and mount the other two toms on the hi hat side for a super cool, big toms-on-both-sides/tribal-type setup!

Drum Sizes

9×13″ Mounted Tom (3-Ply Maple/Poplar/Maple with Glue Rings)
10×14″ Mounted Tom (3-Ply Maple/Poplar/Maple with Glue Rings)
16×18″ Floor Tom (3-Ply Maple/Poplar/Maple with Glue Rings)
14×24″ Bass Drum (3-Ply Maple/Poplar/Maple with Glue Rings)
12×12″ Mounted Power Tom (5-Ply Maple)
16×16″ Mounted Power Tom (5-Ply Maple)

Included hardware: (1) Set-O-Matic Double Tom Holder, (2) Single Slingerland Tom Arms, (4) Floor Tom Legs, (2) Pairs of Bass Drum Spurs, Assortment of Original Slingerland Heads

This kit is in really good shape! The interior of all the shells is pristine! The chrome is also great–no pitting or flaking! As detailed above, the 13”-14”-18”-24” are all 3-ply shells with reinforcement rings. The 12” and 16” are straight 5-ply maple shells. The only issue is that the covering on the 12”, 16” power toms, and 18” floor tom are showing a little separation at the seams! There are a couple cracks and smudges typical to used items of this nature, particularly the 12″ and 16″ Power Toms. These two cracks are detailed in our photos. Very fortunately, we can say that outside of these issues these finishes still look great. There is NO FADING, no persistent scratches! They’re in like-new condition. In the wider photos of the kit, the cracks are not visible whatsoever because the seams face the drummer, not any prospective audience. We’re also very lucky to have all the original Coated Slingerland heads for this kit in EXCELLENT condition!

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