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Tama Imperialstar, Hardware and Cymbals Included

Tama Imperialstar, Hardware and Cymbals Included


The Tama Imperialstar is the highest quality starter kit on our wall of fame.  Since the 80s, Tama has been synonymous with excellent craftsmanship and affordability.  The Imperialstar is perhaps their greatest achievement so far, providing a poplar drum kit with high-quality hardware and name-brand Meinl cymbals at $699.  They have smaller lugs for maximum resonance and a bunch of really cool finishes: Black, Candy Apple, Galaxy Silver, Hairline Black, Hairline Blue, Hairline White Silver, Midnight Blue, and Vintage Red.  We sell so many of these, it’s crazy!

We find it that the kids normally go for the black finish (undeniably cool), but if you’re looking for any of the alternate finishes or want to order a 20″ bass drum instead of a 22″, call us up here at the store and we’ll add that information to your ticket!

Drum Sizes:

  • 8″ x 10″ TT
  • 9″ x 12″ TT
  • 14″ x 16″ FT
  • 18″ x 22″ BD
  • 5.5″ x 14″ SD

As a part of the Resurrection Drums Walk of Fame, the Imperialstar was selected above dozens of similar kits from other companies as the best bang for your buck!

Includes: tom holder, (3) floor tom legs, HC33BW boom stand, HC32W cymbal stand, HS30W snare stand, HH35W hi-hat stand, HP200 Iron Cobra pedal, a drum throne, Meinl HCS 14″ hats, 16″ crash, and 20″ ride.

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